Bottling Aloha

Hawaii is truly one of my “happy places”. The warm breezes, fragrant plumeria flowers, and tropical vibe – what’s not to love? A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to go back to Oahu with my husband to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. Yay us!

Even before the trip, I found myself drawn to a Hawaiian inspired label. Maybe the idea came from simply packing for the trip. Sometimes I’m mystified by the origins of inspiration. Before I reveal too much of my label images, here is the basic framework of what I’ve come up with:

  • Label type: Beer bottle
  • Company name: Grass Skirt Brewing Company
  • Product name: Volcano Pale Ale
  • Special printing effect: Die cut label with “interactive” feature

I’ve already shown Steve my initial label concept, so for now I’m keeping the rest a secret!


Packed an extra 10 pounds of Copic markers to sketch by the pool!


This is “dressed up” – island style



4 thoughts on “Bottling Aloha”

  1. Hi Alicia! First, congratulations on your 20th wedding anniversary! Second, uh….yes please…can I have one of your Volcano Pale Ale beers right now? It sounds delicious! I am starting to form my own ideas of what the “interactive feature” might be. I could be totally off the mark though, as I see there are different routes you could take and it is quite possible your “interactive feature” is something that didn’t even begin to cross my mind. It depends on where you go with it, but I think the die cut label is probably the best complimentary option to the “interactive feature” so it won’t pull too much focus from it. Do you have any ideas for what typeface you plan to use yet? I would like to see the label with a simple font so that it would not pull focus but I will have to see how I feel once you reveal your label. I look forward to seeing your progress and ideas come to life for your label.

  2. Congrats! Also love the name, it’s very unique. The Island Girl reminds me of the Sailor Jerry bottle. Is the girl going to be the main part of the label? The flower looks like it can be included as well.

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